Download the app

Please be aware this is a pre-release 'beta' version which means it is still being tested and developed.

You can download the app using the following links:

Notes on downloading


The Green Boot App is available via Apple's testing programme TestFlight. Instructions for installing TestFlight and the Green Boot App are on the link above or here.


The Android version is available as a Beta release through Google Play Store

How to use the app

The app uses your phone's GPS system to determine your position. Putting your phone in a bag in the foot well of your car may lead to poor results!

We've tried to make the app as simple as possible whilst still gathering as much information about your journey as possible. So hopefully it's self-explanatory, but just in case it isn't, here's how it works:

  1. Before you can do anything else, you'll need to set up at least one 'traveller'; that is, someone whose journey you wish to record. If you have more than one child involved in the Green Boot Challenge you can use the app to record both journeys, even if they attend different schools. The only limitation to this is one child must share a journey with the other before going on to their school; it's not possible to track two entirely separate journeys on the same phone. Click the '+' button top right to add a traveller.App screenshot
  2. Type the name of your first traveller in the 'Name' field. This is for your reference only as this information is not sent to the Green Boot website. Tap the 'School' label to open a search screen.App screenshot
  3. Start to type the name of the school. The results will be filtered by what you type; the more you type the shorter the list. Once you see the correct school, tap on it. Then repeat the process for the class by tapping on the 'Class' label.App screenshot
  4. Tap 'Done' to return to the home screen. There will now be displayed an icon for the traveller you have just added. In the future you'll be able to choose a different profile picture for each traveller. If you wish to change anything about your traveller tap on the 'spanner' icon.App screenshot
  5. Before you start your journey you'll need to tap on at least one traveller to activate them. An activated traveller turns green. The 'Next' button becomes available.App screenshot
  6. On the next screen tap on the mode of travel you will be using FIRST. You can always come back to this screen to change if you change your mode of travel during your journey; for example when parking the car and walking the last quarter of a mile. Click the 'Next' button to continue.App screenshot
  1. The first time you use the app it will ask your permission to record your journey. Click 'Enable' to continue.Screenshot
  2. Tap 'Always Allow' so you are able to use your phone for other things whilst the app is running, such as using the phone or navigation. You may also be asked for access to fitness features. This is highly recommended to reduce the drain on your device's battery.Screenshot
  3. Once you are ready to start your journey hit the big 'GO' button.Screenshot
  4. The app will map your journey as you travel; orange for car and green for anything else. The green icon marks your start position and the red icon your school. The green circle is your school's 'clean air zone'. We want to keep cars out of this area. The red circle shows your school's boundary and the app will stop recording your journey once you enter here.Screenshot
  5. You can return to the previous screen at any time to change your mode of travel. If you are not going to enter the school boundary for any reason you can tap the 'End' button to finish recording your journey.
  6. The app will then transmit your journey to the Green Boot website and give you an overview of the information that's been collected. We will improve this information as the app is developed. To ensure you receive the most up-to-date summaries of your journey please check back often for new versions of the app.Screenshot